Data Innovator provides services
Tailored to your organisation’s data needs:


M&E Technical Assistance

The right M&E systems will put your organisation a cut above the rest. Our experts in M&E can provide technical assistance tailored to your needs, capacity and donor requirements. M&E Technical Assistance Packages include:

  1. M&E System Set-up
  2. Data process mapping
  3. Reporting application development
  4. Coaching and advisory support



Have you made an impact? Evaluation will reveal answers. Data Innovator offers evaluation expertise in the specific areas of:

  1. Mobile applications and other technology-based interventions
  2. Special interest projects in Entrepreneurship and Early Childhood Development


Data Analytics & Communication

Effective data communication helps people see and feel the impact of your work. We analyse data and create informative visual products to tell your data story. The products include:

  1. Infographics
  2. Data analytics and visualization
  3. Dashboard development



Data Innovator has a unique, participatory approach to skills development in M&E, Data Analytics and Communication. Send your team to one of our innovative training sessions:

  1. M&E System Set-up
  2. Vizual Story-telling