2 weeks to go to Master Class 2!

The focus of Data Artistry Master Class 2 is on creating an infographic for your decision-maker audience. It's only 2 weeks to go, so book a spot soon! Buy tickets here: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/47184-data-artistry-master-classes/#/schedules This is what previous participants have to say about our Data Artistry training:  

How can Social Network Analysis be used in evaluation?

Social Network Analysis is an innovative approach to measuring and visualizing changes in network-based interventions. It's also quite beautiful! Our MD, Jerusha Govender, presented this introductory webinar as part of the SAMEA webinar series. Check it out: For Fun - Visualize your own LinkedIn network using: http://socilab.com/#home Follow our blog to access more info in our upcoming … Continue reading How can Social Network Analysis be used in evaluation?

Why data communication is a ‘future skill’ that you need to build today

We are currently living in the “fourth industrial revolution”.  According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), it’s defined as the digital revolution in that there is an interaction of the physical, digital and the biological spheres.[1] Some of the implications of the digital revolution include more and more connectivity among people through mobile devices and … Continue reading Why data communication is a ‘future skill’ that you need to build today

Data Artistry – Save the Date

We are launching the first Inner-city retreat of its kind. Data meets fun, and play meets learning. Follow us to stay informed on the the upcoming retreat. 13-15 & 16-17 Nov 2017.

Dashboards – Getting Started

In the organizational development space dashboard has become a recent buzz word. Every organization wants one ─ needs one ─ to monitor their key activities, to make decisions and to demonstrate progress. However developing a dashboard, selecting the key elements to monitor, and determining how to visualize them is often a challenging process.

Reaching our 2 year milestone

At Data Innovator we are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary! It has been an interesting two years to say the least. In just 24 months we have built an organization, grown to a team of 2 staff, 3 Associates and 4 partnerships, reached over 40 companies with our services, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and moved office … Continue reading Reaching our 2 year milestone

Putting your project indicators into perspective

“We have achieved 60% of our target (60 of 100 individuals trained) and are on track with our activities” “We reached 1200 learners in 5 schools, exceeding our target of 1000 learners” Statements like these, which explain programme progress in relation to a defined set of indicators, typically form an important part of progress reports … Continue reading Putting your project indicators into perspective