Dashboards – Getting Started

In the organizational development space dashboard has become a recent buzz word. Every organization wants one ─ needs one ─ to monitor their key activities, to make decisions and to demonstrate progress. However developing a dashboard, selecting the key elements to monitor, and determining how to visualize them is often a challenging process.

Putting your project indicators into perspective

“We have achieved 60% of our target (60 of 100 individuals trained) and are on track with our activities” “We reached 1200 learners in 5 schools, exceeding our target of 1000 learners” Statements like these, which explain programme progress in relation to a defined set of indicators, typically form an important part of progress reports … Continue reading Putting your project indicators into perspective

Thinking outside the data box

Organisational learning is a process of detecting and correcting error and is a component of adaptive capacity and organisational effectiveness (Letts et al, 1999; Arygris, 1977). This process is also known as adaptive coping, which includes the “ability to detect complex patterns within events, identify causal relations between events, and intervene in events” (Van Tonder … Continue reading Thinking outside the data box